Bulk media for HPLC, POLYGOSIL®

MANA711310.100EA 1490 EUR
MANA711310.100 MANA711992.10 MANA711510.100 MANA711991.100 MANA711280.100 MANA711380.100 MANA711560.100 MANA711020.100 MANA711530.10 MANA711580.10 MANA711890.10 MANA711380.10 MANA711520.10 MANA711330.10 MANA711430.100 MANA711710.10 MANA711580.100 MANA711420.100 MANA711992.100 MANA711340.100 MANA711360.100 MANA711680.100 MANA711680.10 MANA711300.10 MANA711320.100 MANA711420.10 MANA711710.100 MANA711320.10 MANA711350.10 MANA711330.100 MANA711600.100 MANA711350.100 MANA711010.10 MANA711570.100 MANA711310.10 MANA711890.100 MANA711010.100 MANA711370.100 MANA711430.10 MANA711280.10 MANA711360.10 MANA711370.10 MANA711390.10 MANA711991.10 MANA711570.10 MANA711340.10 MANA711520.100 MANA711600.10 MANA711530.100 MANA711510.10 MANA711560.10 MANA711020.10 MANA711300.100 MANA711390.100
Bulk media for HPLC, POLYGOSIL®
Chromatographie-Sorbentien HPLC-Sorbentien
Irregular silica phase for analytical HPLC.

  • Range of pore sizes 60, 100, 300 and 1000 Å
  • Available particle sizes 5, 7 and 10 µm
  • Different modifications
  • pH stability 2 to 8

The irregular silica POLYGOSIL® can be used for different analytical applications.

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