Nonidet® P 40 Ersatzprodukt (NP-40) 10% in wässriger Lösung, 2D-Detergent™

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Nonidet® P 40 Ersatzprodukt (NP-40) 10% in wässriger Lösung, 2D-Detergent™
Nonidet® P 40 Ersatzprodukt (NP-40)

Many commercial grade detergents contain elevated levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds

  • Low conductivity; <15µS
  • Low peroxide contamination.
  • Low carbonyl contamination.
  • Reduced metal ions.
  • Sterile detergent solution
  • 10% aqueous solutions.
  • Sealed under inert gas to prevent oxidation.

2D-Detergent™ solutions contain reduced peroxides and carbonyl compounds. In addition, the detergents have less than 15µS conductivity. These detergents are offered as 10% aqueous solutions, sealed under inert gas and are suitable for all protein applications, including 2D-electrophoresis. These non-ionic detergents are suitable for isolating membrane-protein complexes.

The proteins that are isolated with these detergents are highly susceptible to contaminating peroxides and carbonyls. The peroxides will oxidize proteins and the carbonyl groups will form Schiff's bases with the proteins that interfere with a protein's structure.

The aldehyde and peroxide levels are <100µM and <10µM respectively with a conductivity of <15µS.

Bestellinformation: Accessories not included.

Lagertemperatur: Raumtemperatur
MDL: MFCD00132851
CAS-Nummer: 9016-45-9
EINECS: 500-024-6


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