Gels d'agarose pré-coulés, RunOne™

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Gels d'agarose pré-coulés, RunOne™
Elektrophorese-Gele Fertiggele
RunOne™ precast gels do not require a specific gel apparatus but are optimised for use with the RunOne™ Electrophoresis System. A choice of 100, 104 or 108 well formats make these gels convenient for all screening applications.

  • Gel format matches that of standard 96-well PCR plates avoiding confusion over results
  • Gel is exposed to buffer on both ends resulting in efficient running and less gel distortion
  • UV transmissible gel trays make gels easy to handle and view
  • Multi-channel compatible wells allow fast and easy gel loading in multiples of 8 or 12
  • Short run times - 96 samples plus markers can run in under 20 minutes

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