BOD bottles, WHEATON®

Lieferant: DWK Life Sciences
WHEA227494-03EA 2340 EUR
WHEA227494-03 WHEA227497-18 WHEA227497-04G WHEA227497-10 WHEA227497-14G WHEA227497-16 WHEA227497-17 WHEA227497-06G WHEA227497-01G WHEA227497-17G WHEA227494-00 WHEA227497-13G WHEA227497-02 WHEA227497-01 WHEA227497-15 WHEA227494-00G WHEA227494-02 WHEA227497-09 WHEA227494-01 WHEA227497-10G WHEA227497-00 WHEA227497-12G WHEA227497-13 WHEA227497-11G WHEA227497-00G WHEA227497-08G WHEA227494-01G WHEA227497-15G WHEA227497-07G WHEA227498 WHEA227497-05 WHEA227497-14 WHEA227497-04 WHEA227497-03 WHEA227497-08 WHEA227497-16G WHEA227497-05G WHEA227494-99G WHEA227497-12 WHEA227497-11 WHEA227497-18G WHEA227497-02G WHEA227497-09G WHEA227494-99 WHEA227497-03G WHEA227494-03G WHEA227497-06 WHEA227494-02G WHEA227497-07
BOD bottles, WHEATON®
Flaschen BSB-Flaschen
Made of Type I borosilicate glass.

  • Available with or without stopper
  • With white labeling area

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