Pipette tips, universal, DeckWorks™

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Corning® DeckWorks™
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Pipette tips, universal, DeckWorks™
PP, graduated. The DeckWorks™ system is designed to maximise storage space and help reduce the production and waste of plastic materials. Both the hinged racks and reload decks within this system are manufactured with recycled plastic.

  • Sterile or non sterile
  • Free from DNase, RNase and human DNA
  • Non pyrogenic

Corning universal fit tips in hinged DeckWorks racks are available in 10, 200, 300 and 1000 µl volumes. The 10, 300 and 1000 µl tips are extended length and allow for improved access into micro (1,5 ml) and standard conical bottom (15/50 ml) centrifugre tubes. Robust 96-tip racks are designed for repeated steam autoclave cycles and can be reused by removing the empty grey tip deck and replacing it with a new reload deck of 96 tips from the DeckWorks reload system.

Corning DeckWorks low binding tips are available in 10, 200 and 300 µl sizes. Proprietary low binding technology reduces surface tension on the interior wall of the tip. Leaching and/or subsequent sample degradation associated with silicone-based tips are eliminated. DeckWorks low binding tips are ideal for quantitative assays in which sample binding can significantly alter results. Specific applications include accurate and precise pipetting of expensive reagents, DNA, proteins and/or peptides.

The entire DeckWorks system is comprised of seven sizes of graduated pipette tips which are longer than standard tips to minimise the contamination issues often associated with traditional pipette tip styles. Sizes include 10, 20, 100, 200, 200, extended length, 300, and 1000 µl tips. The pipet tip s are made in a controlled molding environment to ensure accuracy and precision across all tip volumes. Medical grade resins and production excellence allow for full certification as: nonpyrogenic, human DNA-free, RNase-/DNase-free, sterility assuarance level 10⁻³. All tips are manufactured from polypropylene.

Standards: Corning DeckWorks pipette tips are also available in bulk, barrier hinged rack, reload, reload starter kit, and tip station configurations.

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