Modular multi-parameter water quality control system, On-Line, IQ Sensor Net

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IQ Sensor Net
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Modular multi-parameter water quality control system, On-Line, IQ Sensor Net
This modular multi-parameter measuring system is designed for precise online measurements of any parameter. It is typically useful for water treatment parameters such as pH/redox, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature turbidity, COD, a range of ions using ion selective electrode and many more. Users can easily add more modules and sensors at any time while continuously measuring water quality anywhere in a facility for the ultimate process control.

  • Terminal connects to any module on network
  • Terminals, modules and sensors can be placed anywhere in the network
  • Possibility to connect up to 20 sensors; smart technology recognizes and displays sensors
  • Network outputs analog and digital signals
  • No calibration required on most sensors; automatic drift compensation
  • Only one cable for power and communication

Users can build a system very easily. Please choose an IQ Sensor Net terminal, select which modules you'll need, determine your distance for cabling and select suitable electrodes based on the parameters you would like to measure.

Step 1: Terminal

System 182 can connect up to two or four digital IQ sensors. It is ideal for the operation or completion of single measuring points at wastewater plants. Supplied with a two-wire cable for power and communications.
System 2020 XT is a flexible terminal that can connect up to 20 digital IQ sensors. It features two clearly visible LEDs (yellow/ red) which signalize whether the according module is ready-to-operate (power supply/data communication). Communication is possible via modem, Bluetooth, radio transmission and RS-232 output.

Step 2: Modules

Modules provide a variety of functions from power, to communications, to outputs in order to improve the system’s efficiency. All modules can be installed anywhere in the system, either individually or in stacks.
Up to three modules can be mechanically connected to form a stack. Simultaneous mechanical and electrical connections are instantaneous once stacked.

Step 3: Cables

SACIQ – sensor adapter cable; connects to each sensor - specific or special order lengths (in meters) available along with seawater option for highly corrosive applications
SNCIQ – sensor network cable; connects modules to other modules and terminals in the network

Step 4: Sensors

All IQ Sensor Net sensors are rugged, reliable digital sensors designed specifically for wastewater applications. Once a sensor is fixed at a location, it can easily be moved by the user. Sensors can also be switched out with different sensor parameters without rewiring or running conduit.

Step 5: Accessories

Useful accessories such as mounting devices, extension assemblies and electrode holder can be ordered separately. Additional accessories, e.g. calibration standards and clenaing brushes, are also available. Please contact your local VWR representative for more information.

Bestellinformation: For a complete list of system parts please contact our VWR product specialists.

* Weitere Einzelheiten finden Sie im Katalogeintrag für den Monitor Ecoline pH 170 oder erhalten Sie auf Anfrage von VWR.

** Sets umfassen Sonde , Referenzelektrode, Mess- und Kompensationselektroden.

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