Gold standard syringes for autosampler

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5181-3360EA 322 EUR
HEWL5181-3360 HEWL5182-0835 548-0919 HEWL5182-0834 548-0925 548-0927 HEWL5183-4728 HEWL5182-0830 548-0928 HEWL5183-0314 HEWL5188-5247 HEWL5188-5246 HEWL5181-8810 HEWL5182-0875 HEWL5183-2058 HEWL5183-4729 548-0929 HEWL5181-8806 HEWL5183-2042 548-0916 HEWL5181-8813 HEWL5181-3361 HEWL5181-3356 548-0918 HEWL5183-0318 548-0926 HEWL9301-0725 HEWL5183-4730 548-0917 HEWL5181-3321 HEWL5181-8811
Gold standard syringes for autosampler
Spritzen Spritzen für die Chromatographie
These syringes with fixed needle are compatible with Agilent autosamplers 7693A and 7683.

* with PTFE-tipped plunger

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