VWR®, Gewebehomogenisatoren nach Potter-Elvehjem

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432-0201EA 65.6 EUR
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VWR®, Gewebehomogenisatoren nach Potter-Elvehjem
Homogenisatoren Gewebehomogenisatoren
Borosilicate glass tube, PTFE pestle with stainless steel shaft. Tissue grinders are used for controlled reduction of particle size and homogenisation of a variety of substances, especially biological material. The shearing forces generated by the movement of the rotating plunger in a precision bore tube cause size reduction, determining factors include clearance between the pestle head and tube, speed of rotation and viscosity of medium.

Grinding chamber clearance: 0,15 to 0,25 mm.

Der Durchmesser des Edelstahl-Schafts beträgt 6,5 mm.

Bestellinformation: Plunger must be ordered separately.

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