Protein crystallisation microplates, Next Generation CrystalEX™

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Corning® CrystalEX™
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Protein crystallisation microplates, Next Generation CrystalEX™
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Next Generation CrystalEX™ 96-well microplates are optimised for high throughput sitting drop protein crystallisation. Multiple formats are available for maximum flexibility, with the choice of four protein well shapes, two materials, and options for one reservoir well to be flanked by either one, three or five protein wells, with SBS-standard spacing between the centres of adjacent well clusters.

  • Conforms to SBS specification for full compatibility in automated crystal screening
  • Multiple formats and versatility for custom options to maximise crystal formation, identification and analysis, and harvesting
  • PZero polymer superior for zero background polarisation and non birefringence; COC polymer offers strong chemical compatibility and good optical clarity
  • Reservoir numbers are embossed on each individual well for easy identification

*Surface processed for hydrophilicity
**The crystal cup facilitates collection and centring of the protein crystals after incubation

Microplates are available with six unique protein well shapes. The standard round-, flat-, conical-, and conical flat-bottom styles are augmented by 1 and 2 L conical flat bottoms with a crystal cup.

Bestellinformation: All microplates are supplied untreated, with the exception of COC polymer conical flat well bottom microplates 4 μl, which are surface treated for hydrophilicity.

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