di-Natrium-4-nitrophenylphosphat Hexahydrat (pNPP), Pulver

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Synonyme: 4-Nitrophenyldihydrogenphosphat Dinatriumsalz Hexahydratortho-Phosphorsäure(4-nitrophenyl)ester Dinatriumsalz Hexahydratortho-Phosphorsäuremono(4-nitrophenyl)ester Dinatriumsalz Hexahydratp-Nitrophenylphosphat Dinatriumsalz HexahydratPhosphatasesubstratpNPP4-Nitrophenylphosphat Dinatriumsalz Hexahydrat

ICNA0210087825EA 237 EUR
ICNA0210087825 ICNA0210087801 ICNA02100878.5 ICNA0210087805 ICNA0210087850 ICNA0210087810
di-Natrium-4-nitrophenylphosphat Hexahydrat (pNPP), Pulver
di-Natrium-4-nitrophenylphosphat Hexahydrat (pNPP)

p nitrophenol is the substrate of choice for use with alkaline phosphatase in ELISA procedures. This substrate produces a soluble end product that is yellow in color and can be read spectrophotometrically at 405 nm. The pNPP reaction may be stopped with 3 M NaOH and read at 405 nm.

p-nitrophenol is suitable for use as a substrate for alkaline and acid phosphatase.

Typically a pNPP concentration of 1 mg/ml is used

Soluble in water.

Formel: O₂NC₆H₄OP(O)(ONa)₂·6H₂O
Molecular Weight: 371,15 g/mol
Schmelzpunkt: >300 °C (Lit.)
Lagertemperatur: Gefrierschrank
MDL: MFCD00066288
CAS-Nummer: 4264-83-9
EINECS: 224-246-5


Spezifikation Testergebnisse

Identity Test Passes
Water Content 27 - 31%
Free p-Nitrophenol ≤0,005%

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