Syringe filters, CHROMAFIL®

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Syringe filters, CHROMAFIL®
Filtration Spritzenvorsatzfilter
These syringe filters are used for filtration of suspended matter from liquid samples.

By using CHROMAFIL® syringe filters with their specific membranes unwanted particles are removed which can otherwise cause contamination and clogging of sensitive instrumentation.

CHROMAFIL® Xtra (labelled)
• Broad range of different membrane types
• Imprint for direct identification of membrane type, diameter and pore size
• Low-bleeding PP housing
• Colour free clear PP
CHROMAFIL® (colour coded)
• Different membrane types
• Coloured PP housing for identification of membrane type
• Syringe filters with integrated glass fiber prefilter
• For solutions with a high load of particulate matter

PET - Hydrophilic multipurpose polyester membrane for polar as well as nonpolar solvents; especially suited for mixtures of water and organic solvents (HPLC eluents).
RC - Hydrophilic regenerated cellulose membrane for aqueous and organic-aqueous liquids, i.e. polar and medium polar sample solutions.
PTFE - Hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene membrane for nonpolar liquids and gases; very resistant towards all kinds of solvents as well as acids and bases.
H-PTFE - Hydrophilised polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (hydrophobic with additional hydrophilic characteristic) for polar and nonpolar solutions; resistant towards all kinds of solvents as well as acids and bases.
MV - Hydrophilic cellulose mixed esters membrane with very low adsorption for aqueous or polar solutions.
CA - Hydrophilic cellulose acetate membrane for filtration of water-soluble oligomers and polymers; especially suited for biological macromolecules; very high stability in aqueous solutions.
PA - Moderately hydrophilic polyamide (Nylon) membrane for aqueous and organic-aqueous medium polar liquids.
PES - Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane for aqueous and slightly organic liquids; very low adsorption for pharmaceuticals and proteins; good stability against acids and bases.
PVDF - Hydrophilic polyvinylidene difluoride membrane for 100 % aqueous samples; water-soluble oligomers and polymers like proteins.
GF - Inert glass fiber filter with nominal pore size of 1 µm allows higher flow rates than small pore filters; for solutions with high loads of particulate matter or for highly viscous solutions (e.g., soil samples, fermentation broths). Also available as integrated prefilter combined with a specific membrane.
IC - Special filter for the filtration of aqueous liquids in ion chromatography. (For optimal results with blind values <5 ppb a pre-washing with de-ionized water is recommended).

All filters can be autoclaved at 121 °C and 1,1 bar for 30 min.
Inlet/outlet: Luer lock female/Luer male.

MS = minispike outlet

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