Salpetersäure ≥70%, BAKER ANALYZED® ACS, J.T.Baker®

Lieferant: Avantor

6019.9200PEEA 2827.88 EUR
6019.9200PE ZZ529601-04
Salpetersäure ≥70%, BAKER ANALYZED® ACS, J.T.Baker®
Formel: HNO₃
Molecular Weight: 63,01 g/mol
Lagertemperatur: Raumtemperatur
MDL: MFCD00011349
CAS-Nummer: 7697-37-2
EINECS: 231-714-2
UN: 2031
ADR: 8,I


Spezifikation Testergebnisse

Exceeds ACS Specifications. Meets Reagent Specifications for testing USP/NF monographs.
Assay (acidimetric) 69.0 - 70.0 %
Appearance passes test
Color (APHA) max. 10
Residue after Ignition max. 4 ppm
Specific Gravity at 60°/60°F 1.416 - 1.420
Trace Impurities (in ppm)
Trace Impurities (in ppm) Chloride (Cl) max. 0.1
Trace Impurities (in ppm) Phosphate (PO4) max. 0.2
Trace Impurities (in ppm) Sulfate (SO4) max. 0.5
Trace Impurities (in ppb)
Trace Impurities (in ppb) Arsenic and Antimony (as As) max. 4
Trace Impurities (in ppb) Aluminium (Al) max. 100
Trace Impurities (in ppb) Gold (Au) max. 200
Trace Impurities (in ppb) Boron (B) max. 50
Calcium (Ca) max. 200
Chromium (Cr) max. 100
Copper (Cu) max. 50
Iron (Fe) max. 100
Mercury (Hg) max. 5
Potassium (K) max. 300
Magnesium (Mg) max. 100
Manganese (Mn) max. 100
Nickel (Ni) max. 50
Lead (Pb) max. 100
Tin (Sn) max. 200
Titanium (Ti) max. 200
Zinc (Zn) max. 200
Heavy Metals (as Pb) max. 100

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