Protein extraction kits, ProteoExtract™

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Protein extraction kits, ProteoExtract™
Protein-Extraktion Protein Extraction Kits
ProteoExtract® Kits cover the different steps of the proteomics workflow, from protein extraction and abundant protein removal to concentration of protein mixtures and removal of interfering substances, digestion of proteins and selective capturing of phosphopeptides. These kits work in concert with one another to provide protein samples that are directly compatible with downstream analytical applications.

ProteoExtract® Kits provide reproducible, reliable and convenient protein sample preparation to achieve biologically relevant data by immunoblotting, ELISA, array, activity assay, 2D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.

ProteoExtract® kits for organelle fractionation
ProteoExtract® Subcellular Proteome Extraction Kit (S-PEK) is designed for fast and reproducible extraction of subcellular proteomes from mammalian tissue and adherent and suspension-grown cells. S-PEK takes advantage of the different solubilities of certain subcellular compartments in the four selected reagents.
ProteoExtract® Complete Mammalian Proteome Extraction Kit (C-PEK) is designed to extract virtually all proteins from both mammalian tissues and culture cells in a simple two step process within a microcentrifuge tube to minimise protein loss.

ProteoExtract® kits for membrane proteins
ProteoExtract® Native Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (M-PEK) is designed for the isolation of native membrane proteins from mammalian cells and tissue.

ProteoExtract® kits for mass spec peptide enrichment
ProteoExtract® Phosphopeptide TiO₂ Enrichment Kit is a useful tool for enrichment of phosphorylated peptides from complex samples by a highly selective Titanium oxide solid phase.

ProteoExtract® kits for albumin and IgG depletion
ProteoExtract® Albumin Removal Kit includes high capacity columns specifically designed for the rapid and efficient removal of >80% of albumin from body fluid samples, either on an LC-instrument or manually (attached to a syringe). Removal of these high abundance proteins allows enhanced detection of low abundance proteins. Kit contains 12 disposable columns packed with albumin-removal resin and a binding buffer. ProteoExtract Albumin Removal Kit, Maxi utilises two high capacity, reusable columns (column 1 containing albumin-affinity resin and column 2 containing immobilised protein A). Each column can be reused up to ten times.
ProteoExtract® Albumin/IgG Removal Kit contains high capacity columns specifically designed for the rapid and efficient removal of >80% of albumin and IgG from body fluid samples. Kit contains 12 disposable columns packed with albumin/IgG-removal resin and a binding buffer. ProteoExtract® Albumin/IgG Removal Kit, Maxi contains two albumin removal columns, one IgG removal column, 10X albumin/IgG binding buffer, albumin elution buffer, and IgG elution buffer.

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