Experimentation kits, dialysis

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Experimentation kits, dialysis
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Dialysis is a routinely used technique in research laboratories to “change” the solution a biomolecule is dissolved in. Often the buffers used to isolate biomolecules, such as proteins, are not compatible with downstream applications due to high concentrations of reagents, such as salts. A sample is placed in a bag with a semi-permeable membrane and then placed in the new solution or water. Small molecules, such as salt, can pass through the membrane, moving from an area of high concentration to low concentration. The larger molecules, such as proteins, are retained in the bag. Microdialysis is a modification of dialysis to overcome the problem of dialysing small volumes of precious samples. Microdialysis uses small devices designed for small volumes. This kit allows students to study dialysis using patented microdialysis devices.

  • Introduction to dialysis
  • Hands-on experience with microdialysis devices
  • Simple, easily visualised dialysis experiment

Also required: Protein electrophoresis equipment.

Lieferumfang: Supplied with components needed for hands-on experimentation for six workstations of 4 to 5 students or 24 to 30 students. Supplied with Teacher’s Guide and separate Student’s Guides.

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