Turbidity meter, TB350 IR

Lieferant: Lovibond Tintometer

LOVI194300EA 1949 EUR
Turbidity meter, TB350 IR
Ideal for field and environmental testing, the TB350 turbidity meter delivers the most reliable measurements for low range to high range samples with unreached accuracy over the complete range. Its new Multipath 90° BLAC® sensor technology makes it the best instrument on the market. Get lab accuracy in a portable solution.

  • Multipath 90° BLAC® with innovative straylight elimination
  • Highest accuracy over the complete range including fast settling mode
  • Stray light: <0,014 NTU

Ideal for field and environmental testing, both in the laboratory and on site when analysing the quality of water in drinking or waste water. The TB350 turbidity meter delivers the most reliable measurements for low range to high range samples without sacrificing accuracy, compliant with applicable standards of ISO (US EPA pending). Featuring the new sensor technology Multipath 90° BLAC, the optical system is engineered with dual detectors to deliver a ratio reading which mitigates common measurement stability issues.

Experts have solved two fundamental problems in turbidity measuring in a patented and unprecedented way. The sophisticated arrangement of the two detectors allows the analysis of low and high turbidity samples with unsurpassed accuracy over the complete measuring range, up to 4000 NTU. The angle of detection stays at 90° over the entire range. This ensures consistent results at any time, regardless of the size and shape of the turbidity-causing particles. The new BLAC® technology stands for: Backscattered Light Absorbing Cavity. The trap (BLAC®) eliminates stray light perfectly and provides extremely accurate results for low turbidity down to 0,01 NTU.

The intuitive full-coloured touchscreen interface makes it easy to perform procedures and interpret results. With function applications, users can navigate between settings and performing that function efficiently. This user interface eliminates common frustrations and errors found with competitive products and guarantees outstanding operating convenience with animated procedures. There are three reading modes: single, signal averaging, fast-settling.

The data logging capabilities allow users to record the testing location, operator’s identification, time and date, along with the measurement. Stored data can be transferred to a computer via USB.

Standards: CE. ISO 7027.

Lieferumfang: Supplied with sample cells, silicone oil, and ready-to-use T-CAL® calibration standards in a carrying case.

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