Sample preparation workstation, ePrep

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Sample preparation workstation, ePrep
Chromatographiesysteme Präparative HPLC-Systeme, komplett
State-of-the-art automation of chromatography sample preparation based on analytical syringe technology. The ePrep addresses all laboratory needs regarding analytical sample preparation including simplicity, robustness, improved limits of detection, easy method transfer, and improved environmental impact.

  • Liquid handling precision: 1% RSD dispensed volume at 10% syringe volume position or mechanically ±50 μm plunger displacement precision
  • Liquid handling accuracy: <±1% dispensed volume at 10% syringe volume position with an uncalibrated syringe, syringes can be calibrated for greater accuracy
  • Minimum volume: 0,5 μl (5 μl plunger-in-needle syringe)
  • Maximum volume: 10 ml per dispense with unlimited volume achievable using multiple aspirate/dispense cycles
  • Sample capacity: Samples/reagents can be contained in a wide variety of vial sizes and racks as required by deck configuration and application
  • Typical dispense volumes: Between 10 μl to 10 ml
  • Dimensions: 880×330 mm deck space supports a wide range of vials from 96 well micro titer plates through typical 1,5 ml vials to 50 ml bottles
  • Data security: Multi-level rights controlled by user login. Software logs Date/Time, Output ID, Workflow ID, Processes. Log report formats in TXT. 21CFR Part 11 compliance

The ePrep® sample preparation workstation is designed to automate analytical syringe operation for ultimate precision and accuracy.

Offline operation: One ePrep can prepare samples for multiple analytical instruments to maximise efficiency with unattended day and night operation.
Direct to output vials in autosampler rack: ePrep prepares samples directly to a sealed chromatography vial in an autosampler rack ready for analysis to maintain sample integrity and safety.
Suitable for chromatography solvents: Unlike pipettes, ePrep can be used with common chromatography organic solvents and samples. Using syringes and sealed vials it’s also ideal for volatile, high density, viscous and 'toxic' samples.
Includes filtering, pdSPE and MicroSPE: ePrep accessories can be added for the inclusion of techniques such as microSPE, filtering and pressure displacement SPE.
Robotic syringe change syringes: Can be changed automatically within a workflow to reduce dispensing errors and improve efficiency. ePrep’s XCHANGE, tool change technology is simple and does not require costly 'tool changer' mechanisms.

Flexible and adaptable
▪ Rapid programming and modular configuration allows the ePrep to be set-up and operational within minutes
▪ Independent operation allows a single ePrep to feed multiple analytical instruments uninterrupted, maximising efficiency

Simple to use
▪ ePrep’s proprietary touch screen software is designed to be used independently of user skill. Workflows are created and executed in just minutes using 'drag and drop' style operation
▪ Features workflow validation checking, error feedback and tool identification

Complete prep workflow
Using analytical syringes rather than pipettes, ePrep can precisely control micro volumes and flow rates at high pressure allowing separation, filtering, and membrane tasks to be used in a workflow sequence

Validated results
ePrep allows samples to be prepared the same way every time eliminating errors, saving time, and avoiding repeats
▪ With typical volume accuracy and reproducibility of ≤0,5%, the improved data quality produced using the ePrep eliminates the need for duplicate and triplicate samples
▪ Pre-defined wash and purge routines minimise carry-over eliminating errors

Vial rack adapter plates for ePrep
To allow the processing of samples from sample vials directly into autosampler racks, ePrep has a range of deck adapter plates for most common sample and instrument rack designs. These include Bel-Art, Supelco, Wheaton, 96-well plates, Hitachi, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters and CTC-PAL. Each adapter plate has a corresponding software profile for simple programming of vial identification and position within an ePrep workflow.

Standards: CE certfication.

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