Media preparator premium 15 (MPP15), VWR®

Lieferant: VWR, part of Avantor
710-2220EA 25000 EUR
Media preparator premium 15 (MPP15), VWR®
This medium preparator is equipped with everything that simplifies the production of culture media and accelerates the process. The medium is effectively mixed, heated, sterilised and quickly cooled to the desired filling temperature right from the start. For the filling process, the medium is kept stable at the selected filling temperature.

  • Designed for ease of use, the MPP15 is controlled via a large integral screen using a suite of powerful icon-based software that intuitively guides you through the culture media preparation process with on-screen support
  • The MPP15 is equipped with a well balanced and Insulated pressure lid, sealing the system to automatically start media preparation
  • The MPP15 logically guides the user through the startup procedure. All conditions are automatically checked, and the cooling water level is precisely measured and displayed on the screen
  • At the heart of the MPP15 is the unique, highly effective thermal boiler heating technology that delivers energy efficient production
  • The MPP15 is designed to be economical down to the last millilitre of your culture media, with the sampling tube automatically centring itself at the lowest point of the vessel
  • The MPP15 culture media preparator is equipped with fully programmable microprocessor control
  • Thank its advanced technology it can efficiently heat, mix, sterilise and cool

Besides the pressure dispensing of media, the MPP15 can also be used to for autoclaving / sterilisation of smaller objects and liquids in separate containers, or as a heat bath for maintaining temperature conditions in media.

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