Protein staining system, eStain™ L1

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Protein staining system, eStain™ L1
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eStain is a highly efficient protein PAGE gel staining system, which uses Coomassie Brilliant Blue and a patented protein staining technology developed by Genscript. eStain staining system integrates the traditional three steps of fixing-staining-destaining into one and can stain/destain two protein PAGE gels simultaneously in 10 minutes or less.

  • Versatile: Gel staining with Coomasie Blue (offered by GenScript) or membrane staining with Ponceau S solution
  • Fast: Stain and destain in less than 10 min
  • Automatic: Reagents are pumped in/out automatically
  • Sensitive: sharply stained protein bands and sensitivity ≥12.5 ng
  • Consistent: Results are highly repeatable
  • Efficient: Simultaneously stain/destain two mini gels or membranes

eStain works with all types of precast as well as homemade PAGE gels. Compared with the conventional staining methods, gels stained by eStain have crisp blue bands with minimum or no background. eStain also offers superior sensitivity compared to conventional methods and can detect as low as 12.5 ng of protein. The shortened workflow increases your productivity. The eStain Protein Staining System combines three steps of traditional Coomassie blue staining method into one single step to greatly reduce the time required for protein staining.

Excellent uniformity and repeatability with either Coomasie Blue and Ponceau S solution.

Gel: SurePAGE™ Gel, Bis-Tris, 4 to 12% (GenScript, M00653)
Membrane: GenScript nitrocellulose, PVDF membranes
Samples: Pre-stained protein standard (GenScript, M006245); unstained PAGE-Master protein standard (GenScript, M00516)
Program: Stain
Staining Solution: Ponceau S solution
Time: 9 min 30 s
Superior sensitivity (≥12.5 ng protein)

Gel: ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gel, 4 to 12%, 10 wells (GenScript M41210)
Samples: PAGE-MASTER Protein Standard Plus, 5 μl (GenScript, MM1397-500)
Program: Stain
Staining solution: Coomasie Blue
Time: 9 min 30 s

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