Bis-Tris mini protein gels

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GENSM41210EA 252 EUR
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Bis-Tris mini protein gels
Elektrophorese-Gele Fertiggele
GenScript's Bis-Tris gels are high-performing polyacrylamide gels designed to separate a wide range of protein sizes by electrophoresis. The gels are cast in a neutral pH buffer that minimises polyacrylamide hydrolysis and increases gel stability. Furthermore, the neutral pH which minimises protein modification when compared to Tris-glycine gels.

  • Large well volume
  • High resoluton and reproducibility
  • Long shelf life
  • Cost effective
  • Compatible cassette design

GenScript's SurePAGE™ Gels are premium, high resolution with enhance reproducibility gels, while the ExpressPlus are good quality and cost-effective gels.

Proteins are separated on SurePAGE using MOPS or MES running buffer. We recommend using MOPS buffer for protein sizes that are >30 kD and MES for proteins that are <30 kD.

We recommend using 4×LDS sample buffer (M00676) as the sample loading buffer.

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