PendoTECH® Single-Use Temperature Sensors

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PendoTECH® Single-Use Temperature Sensors
Eliminates cross-contamination and extensive cleaning protocols.

  • Can be sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • High sensitivity to temperature change
  • Better than ±0.2 °C accuracy in specified range of 0 to 70 °C
  • Certificate of quality included

The PendoTECH single-use temperature sensors allow for highly accurate measuring of liquid temperature within a tube in a range of 0 to 70 °C. Their unique design allows part of the product that comes in contact with the fluid to be disposable. The sensors eliminate cross-contamination and extensive cleaning protocols. Although designed for single-use applications, the sensors are robust enough to be repeatedly cleaned and reused.

The sensors are available with either a hose barb or luer fitting for easy connection to process tubing. A disposable temperature dip probe is also available to measure temperature within a vessel or water bath. The hose barb models are constructed of polysulfone while the luer sensor is constructed of polycarbonate. The temperature sensing element in both sensors is a thermistor embedded in a stainless steel tip. No calibration is required because the temperature versus resistance for the thermistor element is well-defined within the specified accuracy range.

The hose barb fitting sensor imparts no obstruction on the fluid path that can cause a pressure drop and there is no dead-leg at the point where the temperature is measured. The luer fitting sensor is ideal for lab scale development applications and can connect to a variety of fittings that can securely adapt to tubing or other devices.

These sensors can be connected to a wide range of monitors and transmitters that can read the resistance measurement from the thermistor and convert it to a temperature reading. A reusable cable with a ¼” headphone plug (19406-15) can connect the sensor directly to a suitable monitor such as the Digi-Sense® handheld thermometer (91428-04) or a temperature sensor transmitter (19406-45). The temperature sensor transmitter with a linear 4-20 mA output signal allows a temperature reading to be displayed in another location such as process controller. To transmit temperature readings to a data logger, three benchtop transmitter options (19406-47, -57 and -58) are also available.

The sensors all have a three-year shelf life and all product contact materials pass the USP Class VI testing with the exception of the polycarbonate connector for luer sensor and the temperature sensor dip probe.

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