Pump Flow Calibration Columns, PVC 40

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Pump Flow Calibration Columns, PVC 40
Calibration columns provide a simple, economical method for checking pump flow rates.

  • Constructed of durable PVC

Columns are graduated in both ml/min and GPH to help improve system accuracy. For maximum convenience and accuracy, choose small capacity columns to check low flow rates; select larger capacity columns for higher flow rates.

To check your flow rate, install column on the suction end of your pump. Turn the pump on, and fill the column to zero (at the top). Using a ball valve, shut off supply from the storage tank and monitor time as fluid is pulled out of the column. At one minute, the fluid level in the column indicates the pump flow rate in ml/min and GPH!

Columns are made of schedule 40 PVC with a double BoPET polyester-film lamination to protect the scale from chemical attack. Permanently attached cap features a threaded vent opening (same size as the inlet port) for venting fluid back into the supply tank.

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