Spectrophotometer cuvettes, NanoCuvette™ S

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Spectrophotometer cuvettes, NanoCuvette™ S
Küvetten Spektralphotometer-Küvetten
Achieve fast, easy, and reliable particle size analysis by upgrading an existing spectrophotometer with NanoCuvette ™ S and SpectroWorks™ software for affordable particle and cell size analysis.

  • All major UV/Vis spectrophotometer brands supported seamlessly out of the box
  • Excellent for biological cell concentrations, particle sizes, turbidity, and impurity quality control of a wide range of samples
  • Combined surface refractive index range 1,0 to 1,6 nD, and absorbance at 230 to 1100 nm
  • Less sample needed for analysis (50 / 200 µl sample volume)
  • Easy and fast measurement of size and concentration
  • Direct label-free size and concentration detection from 10 nm / 10 µm (limit of detection is below 0,003% particle concentration determination)
  • Based on semi-disposable PMMA cuvette, and reusable for low-cost measurements
  • Results independent of cleaning, pipetting errors, and transcription mistakes
  • Each cuvette is marked for traceability and access to online calibration data
  • Replacing expensive equipment with just the spectrophotometer
  • Includes all basic cuvette features

The NanoCuvette™ S is a cuvette that can be used for measuring both scattering and absorbance using a spectrophotometer. It reliably measures concentrations and sizes in a standard spectrophotometer without expensive instruments and uses the SpectroWorks™ software to automatically analyse the results in seconds. Labwork has never been easier.

Simplify UV-Vis workflow and save hours in the lab. SpectroWorks™ simplifies spectrophotometer workflow to a three-step process allowing users to quickly acquire, analyze, and extract results. It includes instrument light simulations for better performance and easy sharing of data with spreadsheets, electronic lab notebooks, and python etc. With 99,99% uptime worldwide, SpectroWorks™ is a reliable tool for the analytical laboratory. SpectroWorks™ effortlessly analyses the data, so users can focus on the work.

Workflows for all types of UV-Vis analysis - analyze all cuvettes with one platform. SpectroWorks™ works with an existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer. It is easy to use with no special training required, with online support included. Results are calculated based on spectral analysis down to 5 seconds. SpectroWorks™ uses the up-to-date web technologies to ensure data is secure. The drag-and-drop format is easy to use on all devices, providing one-click results in seconds. Optionally, SpectroWorks™ automatically analyses the spectrum, corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points, and gives results in as little as 5 seconds. After analysis, users can export the results in spreadsheet format or use API-keys to interface with other platforms.

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