sparQ RNA-Seq HMR kits

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sparQ RNA-Seq HMR kits
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Ultra FAST RNA library prep with integrated rRNA and globin depletion.

  • High quality directional RNA library prep in 5 hours
  • Simple workflow with 3 reaction tubes, 9 steps and 9 components
  • Efficient and integrated removal of rRNA and globin mRNA from human/mouse/rat (HMR) samples
  • Improved results for samples with limited quantity and/or poor quality RNA

sparQ RNA-Seq HMR kit generates high quality libraries that efficiently capture transcripts of interest by retaining high percentage of coding regions while leaving minimal amount of rRNA and globin mRNA. Consistent results were observed regardless of sample quantity and quality. The simplified workflow of the kit features seamless integration of ribo-globin depletion, RNA fragmentation and priming into a single step for less handling of RNA samples.

sparQ RNA-Seq HMR kit prepares libraries that consistently show high yield, high uniformity and increased unique transcript identification from either intact or degraded samples. The proprietary, highly optimised enzymes support key improvements for low input and degraded samples.

Reproducible results are achieved between high and low input amounts for various sample types.

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