Kjeldahl digestion systems, IR heating, SpeedDigester K-425/K-436/K-439

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Kjeldahl digestion systems, IR heating, SpeedDigester K-425/K-436/K-439
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K-439: An IR digestion system that has an integrated temperature sensor, so that digestion at exact temperatures is achievable, combining the advantages of IR and block heating systems. Using modern application software, digestion methods (temperature ramps and time) can be programmed and saved in the database with a method name. The SpeedDigester K-439 also features an LC display which allows the user to observe the progress during a digestion as a graphical display. Reduced process times with IR heating, increases sample throughput. Exact temperature control makes it possible to set temperatures- contributing to excellent reproducibility. 20 pre-defined Buchi digestion methods and 30 individually programmable methods. If a scrubber is connected, it is automatically switched on at the start of the digestion and off again at the end of digestion. Choice of units for 300 or 500 ml sample tubes.

Lieferumfang: All SpeedDigesters are supplied complete with sample tubes, rack appropriate suction module and hose to the scubber.

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