Plus C8 columns, ZORBAX® Eclipse

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HEWL959746-906EA 485 EUR
HEWL959746-906 HEWL959961-306
Plus C8 columns, ZORBAX® Eclipse
ZORBAX® Eclipse Plus HPLC columns are the ideal first choice for method development of all samples.

  • High level of performance peak shape, efficiency, resolution, and lifetime with all sample types: acids, bases and neutrals
  • Superior reproducibility with more rigorous QA/QC testing
  • Improved, patented silica manufacturing with start-to-finish product control
  • Three different reversed-phase chemistries are available (Eclipse Plus C18, Eclipse Plus C8 and Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl)

Eclipse Plus columns provide the ultimate in performance for silica-based columns. To achieve fast method development and superior productivity, choose an Eclipse Plus column with high-resolution 1,8 µm particles. For standard methods, conventional 5 µm Eclipse Plus Columns and Rapid Resolution 3,5 µm Eclipse Plus columns are best choices. With all particle sizes, easy method transfer is possible.

The reversed-phase chemistries are aligned with the Infinitylab Poroshell 120 EC-C18, EC-C8 and Phenyl-Hexyl chemistries, and HILIC Plus is very similar to InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC.

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