HPLC columns, ZORBAX® Extend-C18

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL726700-902EA 392 EUR
HEWL726700-902 HEWL763953-902 HEWL773700-902 HEWL820950-930 HEWL757700-902K HEWL757700-302 HEWL724700-902 HEWL735700-902 HEWL758700-902K HEWL766953-902 HEWL735953-902 HEWL727975-902K HEWL735954-302 HEWL821125-930 HEWL763954-302 HEWL759700-302 HEWL5185-5923 HEWL735953-902K HEWL728700-902 HEWL764953-902K HEWL758700-302K HEWL773450-302 HEWL728975-302 HEWL764953-302 HEWL763600-902 HEWL726975-902 HEWL765600-902 HEWL758700-902 HEWL766953-302 HEWL757700-902 HEWL724975-902 HEWL728975-902K HEWL728975-902 HEWL727700-902 HEWL758700-302 HEWL746450-902 HEWL757700-302K HEWL763953-902K HEWL761753-902 HEWL760450-902 HEWL770450-902K HEWL773450-902 HEWL773450-902K HEWL759700-902K
HPLC columns, ZORBAX® Extend-C18
ZORBAX® Extend-C18 columns have high efficiency and a long life at high pH upto pH 11,5 with more effieincy and better peak shape than polymer-based columns.

  • Improve retention, resolution and peak shape of basic compounds
  • High sensitivity for LC/MS separations of peptides and proteins

Extend-C18 columns incorporate a unique patented bidentate silane, combined with a double-endcapping process that protects the silica from dissolution at high pH upto pH 11,5.

Columns are best applied for separations of compounds that are either:
(1) Basic and have little or no retention at low or intermediate pH
(2) More stable or more soluble at high pH
(3) Basic and show poor peak shape at low or intermediate pH

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