GC columns, J&W DB-1ht

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL122-1131EA 749 EUR
HEWL122-1131 HEWL122-1111 HEWL123-1111 HEWL123-1131
GC columns, J&W DB-1ht
DB-1ht are specially processed for extended temperature limits of 400 °C with excellent peak shape and faster elution times for high boilers.

  • 100% Dimethylpolysiloxane
  • Non-polar
  • High temperature, polyimide-coated, fused silica tubing
  • Excellent peak shape and faster elution times for high boilers
  • Faster elution times for high boiling compounds and are solvent rinsable

Agilent JW DB-1ht delivers excellent performance in a range of GC/MS applications and are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and stability. Nonpolar DB-1ht columns are specially processed for operation up to 400 °C, with optimised, polyimide-coated fused silica tubing.

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