pDual expression system

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pDual expression system
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The pDual expression vector offers high-level expression of heterologous genes in both mammalian and prokaryotic systems.

  • With tandemly arranged bacterial Shine-Dalgarno and mammalian Kozak consensus sequence
  • Eliminates the need to subclone
  • Bacterial expression is T7-based
  • Express protein as a native or tagged fusion protein

The vector also features a calmodulin-binding peptide (CBP) tag which can be used for affinity purification and identification by western blot.

The pDual GC Vector offers a C-terminal tag with three copies of the human c-Myc epitope tag (one copy is EQKLISEEDL) and a single copy of the 6xHis purification tag. The c-Myc epitope and 6xHis purification tags, expressed on the C-terminus of the protein, can be used for easy detection and purification of the fusion protein from mammalian and bacterial cell lysates.

Use of the c-Myc epitope and the 6xHis purification tags allows every target gene to be detected and purified using the exact same protocol and reagents, saves time and money.

Bitte beachten For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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