Burners for PerkinElmer

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL8003-0418EA 1339 EUR
HEWL8003-0418 HEWL8003-0419 HEWL8003-0417 HEWL8003-0858
Burners for PerkinElmer
Chromatographie-Zubehör Chromatographie-Ersatzteile
Agilent burner chamber assemblies for PerkinElmer AA systems are designed to provide the best precision, efficient drainage, minimal burner blockage, and reduced interferences.

  • Guaranteed to be compatible with PerkinElmer instruments
  • Backed by the Agilent Stand Behind Warranty that guarantees the parts will not cause instrument failure or downtime

The 5 cm nitrous oxide burner head is required for nitrous oxide-acetylene operation, but can also be used with air-acetylene or rotated to provide reduced sensitivity. A 5 cm air-acetylene burner head is available for applications in which reduced sensitivity is required. It can be rotated to provide further sensitivity reduction, and has a wide slot to prevent clogging. The 10 cm, is designed for air-acetylene operation. Because of its long burner path length, the 10 cm, single-slot burner head provides the best sensitivity for air-acetylene elements.

Instruction guides and how-to videos are available to ensure you get the best performance from your PerkinElmer system when using our parts and supplies.

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