MP-AES spray chambers

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG8000-70007EA 914 EUR
HEWLG8000-70007 HEWLG8003-60019 HEWLG8000-64143 HEWLG8000-70006
MP-AES spray chambers
Chromatographie-Zubehör Chromatographie-Ersatzteile
The 4100/4200 Microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer runs entirely on air, which means your lab can eliminate flammable and expensive gases. It's safer and more cost efficient than other spectrometers. The 4100/4200 MP-AES enables superior detection and can perform unattended multi-element analyses.

Quartz spray chambers are available and can be used for Babington, concentric, and micro-concentric Nebulisers.
PP spray chambers (with sapphire tube) are also provided that are resistant to hydrofluoric acid and have the same range of functions as Quartz chambers.
Spray chambers should be replaced when memory effects remain after cleaning.
To connect the spray chambers to the system torch, provide ball joint connectors in both Quartz and PP formats. Ball joint connectors require specialist clamps for stability, available in packs of two.
Various forms of bushing at the spray chamber drain (manufactured by Viton) is available with a specific product provided for use with organic solvents.
A robust connector for spray chamber drainage in the PP chamber is provided.
In the Quartz spray chamber a T-connector for optional gas introduction is available for use between spray chamber and torch.

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