ICP-MS Nebulisers and Supplies for PerkinElmer

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HEWL8003-0481EA 91 EUR
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ICP-MS Nebulisers and Supplies for PerkinElmer
Chromatographie-Zubehör Chromatographie-Ersatzteile
Key design features of nebulisers for PerkinElmer ICP-MS systems provide the best precision, efficient drainage, minimal burner blockage, and reduced interferences.

  • Guaranteed to be compatible with PerkinElmer instruments
  • Backed by the stand behind warranty that guarantees the parts will not cause instrument failure or downtime
  • Parts qualified on a genuine PerkinElmer system
  • Many parts in packaging designed to be more durable, sturdy and provide the best protection during shipping to ensure the part arrives with no damage

The GemClean Cross-Flow II with GemTips is optimised for ICP-MS (0,23 and 0,33 mm orifices) and specially manufactured and cleaned for ultratrace analysis. OpalMist PFA, with uptake at 0,4 ml/min, is designed for high-precision analyses requiring high chemical resistance to HF. Alternatively, the MicroMist, micro-uptake nebuliser delivers high performance for small sample volumes.

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