Electron capture detectors (ECD)

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL19233-20755EA 51 EUR
HEWL19233-20755 HEWL18713-60040 HEWLG1533-80565 HEWL19233-20625 HEWLG2397-20540 HEWL18713-60050 HEWLG2397-80520
Electron capture detectors (ECD)
Chromatographie-Zubehör Chromatographie-Ersatzteile
The micro ECD has a detection zone volume 10 times smaller than any other ECD with replicable inlet liner to decreasing column contamination of the cell.

  • Replaceable liner

The replaceable liner serves as a physical stop for the column, ensuring reproducible column installation and decreasing column contamination of the cell.

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