Digestion units, DK series

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Digestion units, DK series
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DK digesters are traditional digesters, consisting of an aluminium heating block that offers excellent thermal homogeneity, heating up to 450 °C, providing accuracy and minimum energy consumption. DK Series Digesters are suitable for Kjeldahl digestion applications and selected models can be combined with accessories to perform COD and metal determination applications.

  • High thermal homogeneity heating up to 450 °C
  • Temperature selection in increments of 1 °C with precision of ±0,2 °C
  • Heating block temperature stability of ±0,5 °C
  • Space saving design to ensure minimum space requirement
  • Bright digital display provides maximum visibility and is easy to read
  • Enables up to 20 methods with 4 temperature ramps to be recorded
  • Exterior: Epoxy paint with chemical resistant coating

The DK Series digestion unit with aluminium heating block ensures high thermal homogeneity heating up to 450 °C. The temperature of the block is constantly controlled by a microprocessor and is extremely stable, homogeneous and precise: ±0,5 °C at all selectable temperatures.

The DK Series guarantees accuracy and repeatability performing batch digestion of up to 6/18/20/42 samples, reducing the energy consumption (-13% compared to the previous series). Low energy consumption provides lower costs of analysis and limits CO₂ release.

The design of the DK series has been carefully engineered to allow laboratories to save valuable space in a fume cupboard. DK Digesters have compact dimensions: the aluminium heating block has been lowered and the vertical proportions help save precious space in the laboratory. The digester housing is made of stainless steel that has been specifically designed and tested to ensure strong resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress. The aluminium block protection grid provides enhanced heating performance and protects the heating block from splashes and chemicals.

The bright digital display provides maximum visibility and easy-to-read information. The instrument is operated via just 4 keys, the menu options and digestions programs are easily selected simply and quickly. Using the intuitive graphic display it is possible to set up to 20 methods with 4 temperature ramps. Acoustic signals inform the operator analysis is complete, facilitating the daily use of the digester. The front panel is inclined, this protects it from chemical spillages at high temperatures.

Zubehörinformationen: To ensure complete neutralization of the fumes produced during digestion, it is advisable to combine the digesters with a suction unit (JP pump) and a scrubber (SMS Scrubber).

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