Chromogenic media for colourful microbial detection, CHROMagar™

Lieferant: CHROMagar
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PS832 VB912 EC169-25 CQ392 LM852 EE222 LK970 AQ056 EL382 ST162 MC122 EF342 CHRASU703-25 RR702 RR703-25 CP573-25 PF652 EB042 EC168 SA162 EE223-25 YE492 SA163-25 EF322 EF323-25 TX182 MS25N SQ001 CP572 BC732 MH482 VB913-25 CHRASU702 CQ382 MS25P
Chromogenic media for colourful microbial detection, CHROMagar™
Medien für die Mikrobiologie Trockennährböden für die Mikrobiologie
Chromogenic technology applied to culture media allows you to differentiate and easily identify, inside one single plate, the growth of different microorganisms.

  • Flexibility of use: Prepare only the quantity you need
  • Very easy to prepare
  • Long shelf life: 18 months
  • Cost saving for overall analysis
  • No need for pH adjustment
  • Supplements always included in the pack

Dr A. Rambach, founder of CHROMagar™, developed the use of this technology in food microbiology. The main advantage of using chromogenic media is the ability to distinguish with the naked eye different microorganisms growing on the same plate.

All CHROMagar™ products are dehydrated culture media. The unit size of every packs is indicated in volume (litres or millilitres) that shows the volume of culture medium that you can prepare: With one bottle you can prepare 5 or 25 L of culture media.

After the preparation of the medium starting from the powder, the 5 L pack allows you to prepare around 250 plates, while the 25 L allows you to prepare 1250 plates.

Every chromogen exhibits its own distinctive colour; the result is a very specific and distinctive colouring of different microorganisms which become clearly distinguishable to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions.

The 'Rambach Agar', available in this product range, is still one of the most used and famous chromogenic culture media for detection and isolation of Salmonella spp.

Lieferumfang: Supplements always included in the pack.

Verpackung: 5 L pack = dehydrated culture media to prepare 5 L of agar or broth or 25 L pack = dehydrated culture media to prepare 25 L of agar or broth.

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