Zählkammern, Bürker

Lieferant: Marienfeld

630-1544EA 64.9 EUR
630-1544 630-1545 MARI0640230 631-0922 631-0920 630-1542 630-1543 630-1541
Zählkammern, Bürker
Objektträger Zählkammern
Glass counting chambers equipped with two sets of grids, engraved into two ground, and polished surfaces on the central ridge. This central ridge is located between two elevated ridges, that are also ground and polished.

Designed for investigations of cell suspensions.

Standards: Konform mit DIN 12847 und der Deutschen Kalibrierverordnung

Lieferumfang: Wird in durchsichtiger Kunststoffbox geliefert.

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