ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 2 trend, 6934, S2

Lieferant: Uvex
UVEX6934.9/44EA 73 EUR
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ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 2 trend, 6934, S2
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Sporty S2 safety shoe with wide fit.

  • Meets the ESD specification with volume resistance less than 35 megaohms
  • Ergonomically designed outsole offers excellent slip resistance
  • Water repellent leather
  • Smooth-running, dirt- and heat-resistant lacing system
  • Reflective details for enhanced visibility

Safety Shoes feature a penetration resistant steel midsole (S3 models) and steel toe cap. Stabilising uvex anti-twist heel cap is designed to prevent ankle twisting. All sole materials are free of silicones, plasticisers, and other paint wetting impairment substances.

Colour: Black/blue

Standards: EN 61340 (ESD); EN ISO 20345:2011, S2, SRC

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