ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 2 trend, 6949

Lieferant: Uvex

UVEX6949.8/40EA 69.6 EUR
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ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 2 trend, 6949
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Sporty S2 safety shoe with wide fit.

  • Meets the ESD specification with volume resistance less than 35 megaohms
  • Reflective details for enhanced visibility
  • Breathable, water repellent microvelour
  • Steel toe cap
  • Shock absorbing heel and forefoot
  • Climazone technology helps maintain foot temperature for optimum wearer comfort

Safety Shoes feature an ergonomically designed outsole that offers excellent slip resistance, as well as a stabilising uvex anti-twist heel cap designed to prevent ankle twisting. Suitable for people allergic to chrome as they are made from synthetic materials. All sole materials are free of silicones, plasticisers, and other paint wetting impairment substances. Soft wearer feeling provides comfortable padding on collar and dust tongue. Removable anti-static comfortable insole, with a moisture transport system.

Colour: Black/grey

Standards: EN 61340 (ESD); EN ISO 20345:2011 S2 SRC; certified with uvex medicare.

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