Integrated Platform THGA Graphite Tubes

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Integrated Platform THGA Graphite Tubes
Röhrchen Graphit-Röhrchen
These transversely-heated graphite tubes are made from a blend of high-quality base graphite material, providing the user with the required performance to yield reproducible results from day to day with respect to sensitivity (characteristic mass), accuracy and precision.

  • Significantly reduces or eliminates condensation of the sample matrix components and "memory" effects
  • Improves the atomization efficiency for refractory elements
  • Includes an integrated platform

The graphite tube, the heart of the graphite furnace, plays a vital role in the overall stability of an analysis. In order to assure stable analytical conditions from one atomization cycle to the next, and from graphite tube to graphite tube, all graphite parts - contacts, tubes and platforms - must be subject to strict quality control by both the instrument manufacturer and the graphite manufacturer.

For improved characteristic mass with volatile and medium refractory elements such as Ag, As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, Se, and Tl, the THGA graphite tubes with end-caps are recommended. Additional benefits of these tubes include: Improved detection limits for volatile and medium refractory elements and Faster drying for complex matrices due to enlarged dosing hole.

THGA graphite tubes with end caps are not recommended for refractory elements such as V or for Ba.

The tubes are compatible with PerkinElmer PinAAcle 900T, PinAAcle 900Z, AAnalyst 600, AAnalyst 800, Model 4100ZL, Model 4110ZL, Model 5100ZL, SIMAA 6000 Zeeman AA instruments.

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