Plaster dispenser, QuickFix® blood stopper

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Plaster dispenser, QuickFix® blood stopper
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This plaster dispenser allows quick and hygienic first-aid access, at the centre of the workplace. Pull to retrieve a ready-for-use plaster, and get back to work in seconds.

  • Can be used with one hand
  • Very hygienic because each plaster is packed separately
  • Can be filled with different types of plasters according to specific needs
  • Wide range of application for almost every work place
  • Dispenser can be locked

These plasters offer improved protection effects and help the healing process. Each plaster is packed individually and unpacks itself by simply pulling it out of the dispenser.

QuickFix® Blood Stopper refill plasters feature alginate fibres that create an artificial clot (gel) inside the pad, blocking bleeding in 1 to 2 minutes and maintaining optimal moist conditions.

Bestellinformation: Dispenser includes 2×45 Blood Stopper plaster strips. A refill pack can be ordered separately.

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