Thermo mixer, cooling thermal shake

Lieferant: Biosan
BSANBS-010143-AAIEA 1470 EUR
Thermo mixer, cooling thermal shake
Blockthermostate Heiz-/Kühl-Blockthermostate, schüttelnd
This thermo shaker provides intense mixing and temperature control of the samples in PCR plates or micro test tubes up to a temperature of +4 °C. Heating and mixing functions can be performed both simultaneously and independently.

  • Rapid achievement of specific mixing speed and ability to maintain a constant amplitude of rotation in the block of the thermal stirrer
  • Stability in maintaining the present temperature on the agitator block surface
  • LCD display indicates the present values relating to temperature, speed and operating time
  • Quiet engine operation, compact dimensions and long service life
  • Blocks are interchangeable and can be easily installed on the agitator

Heat up and cool down times:
From 25 to 100 °C: 15 minutes
From 100 to 25 °C: 14 minutes
From 25 to 4 °C: 12 minutes

Calibration function allows the user to calibrate about ±6% of the selected temperature to compensate for any differences in the thermal behaviour of the tubes from different manufacturers. Applications includes genetic analysis, biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and processes, extraction of metabolites from cellular material.

TS-100C thermal agitator provided without thermoblock.

Bestellinformation: Blocks are available, order seprately.

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