Capillary blood collection tubes, MiniCollect®, Vacuette®

Lieferant: Greiner bio-one
GREI450537_2000EA 296 EUR
GREI450537_2000 GREI450534_2000 GREI450541_2000 GREI450542_2000 GREI450536_2000 GREI450539_2000 GREI450531_2000 GREI450530_50 GREI450532_500 GREI450532_2000 GREI450533_2000 GREI450530_2000 GREI450538_2000 GREI450532_50 GREI450535_2000 GREI450537_50 GREI450531_50 GREI450536_50 GREI450535_50 GREI450534_50
Capillary blood collection tubes, MiniCollect®, Vacuette®
Klinische Diagnosesysteme Clinical sample collection/preparation
MiniCollect® offers a gentle way to collect small blood samples for a wide range of analyses for young children, geriatric patients as well as patients with fragile veins.

  • Tube includes an integrated scoop, allowing droplets of blood to be collected easily and hygienically
  • With or without additives
  • The wide opening of the tube ensures an efficient blood flow
  • Minimises adhesion to the wall of the tube and facilitates the mixing of the sample
  • Coagulation tube is intended only for use with venous blood

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