m-Endo agar LES

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m-Endo agar LES
Medien für die Mikrobiologie Trockennährböden für die Mikrobiologie
m-Endo agar LES can be used for the enumeration of coliforms in water using the membrane filter technique for coliform enumeration.

  • Selective and differential for Escherichia coli and Coliforms; Proteus and Salmonella
  • Final pH: 7,2±0,2 at 25 °C

The membare composition is agar - 15 g/l; casein hydrolysate - 3,7 g/l; di-potassium hydrogen phosphate - 3,3 g/l; lactose - 9,4 g/l; pararosanilin (fuchsin) - 0,8 g/l; peptone from meat - 3,7 g/l; potassium hydrogen phosphate, 1 g/l; sodium chloride - 3,7 g/l; sodium lauryl sulfate - 0,05 g/l; sodium sulphite - 1,6 g/l; tryptose - 7,5 g/l and yeast extract - 1,2 g/l.

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