Thermoreactor, RD 125

Lieferant: Lovibond Tintometer

LOVI2418940-VEA 926.1 EUR
Thermoreactor, RD 125
Blockthermostate Blockthermostate, digital
The RD 125 thermoreactor can be used for the tube test digestion of highly sensitive and precise COD (150 °C), TOC (120 °C), total chromium (100 °C), total nitrogen (100 °C) and total phosphate (100 °C) determinations.

  • With the voltage switch on the back either 220 and 110 V can be chosen

The required temperatures and reaction time can be selected by using the membrane keypad of the reactor RD 125. The unit works at three different temperatures (100 / 120 / 150 °C) and three pre-set reaction times 30 / 60 / 120 minutes). When digestion is complete, the reactor automatically switches off and gives a corresponding LED indication with a short alarm beep.

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