Tissue direct PCR master mix, Phire™

Lieferant: Finnzymes
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F-170S F-170L
Tissue direct PCR master mix, Phire™
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien Enzyme und Kits für Endpunkt-PCR
Phire™ Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix has been developed for amplification of DNA directly from a wide variety of tissues obtained from mice, human, fish, birds and insects. The master mix containing Phire™ Hot Start II DNA polymerase is specially formulated to perform PCR in the presence of different animal tissue-derived inhibitors, such as collagen, melanin and eumelanin (hair, skin) or myoglobin (muscle).

  • Sample is added directly to PCR reaction, therefore there is no need for time-consuming and expensive DNA purification steps
  • Dilution & storage protocol available which allows tens of PCR reactions from one tiny sample and allows re-testing
  • Specially engineered Phire™ DNA polymerase allows extremely short PCR protocol times
  • Master Mix format with premixed gel loading dye minimises possibility of cross-contamination, reduces sample handling and allows direct loading on gel

The kit also includes Thermo Scientific™ DNARelease Additive, which can be used to improve the release of DNA from difficult tissues.

The optimal annealing temperature for Phire™ DNA Polymerases may differ significantly from that of Taq-based polymerases.

Applications include genotyping, transgene detection, knockout analysis and sequencing.

Lieferumfang: Kit contains Phire™ 2×1,25 ml Phire™ Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix (2X), 5 ml Dilution Buffer, 3×100 µl DNARelease Additive, 40 µl Control Primer Mix (25 µM each), ×1,25 ml Water, nuclease- free, 50 µg O'GeneRuler Express DNA Ladder (sufficient for 100 applications).

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