DNA ladder, low range, MassRuler

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific
SM0383EA 128 EUR
DNA ladder, low range, MassRuler
Elektrophorese-Reagenzien Molekulargewichtsmarker
MassRuler Low Range DNA Ladder, ready to use, 80 to 1031 bp, is specially designed for accurate quantification and sizing of DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis.

  • Sharp bands
  • Easy to remember fragment sizes and quantities
  • Premixed with 6X MassRuler DNA Loading Dye for direct loading and room temperature storage

The intensity of the fragment in each ladder is calibrated against a standard that guarantees the precise quantity of each band. The ladders are mixtures of chromatography-purified, individual DNA fragments.

Lieferumfang: Supplied with 1 ml 6X loading dye for sample DNA.

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