Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant, ready to use, deconex® SOLARSEPT

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Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant, ready to use, deconex® SOLARSEPT
Reinigungsmittel Desinfektionsmittel
deconex® SOLARSEPT is used for disinfection when a short exposure and drying time is required.

  • aldehyde-free
  • Ready-to-use, with rapid effect ime and short drying time
  • Can also be sprayed on
  • Broad spectrum of activity including tuberculocidal effect
  • Pleasant fresh smell

Binder recommend alcohol based solutions for exterior surfaces, inner chamber, racks and door gaskets.

Wipe disinfection: Pour the product out of the dosing bottle onto a clean cloth or directly onto the surface to be treated (approx. 25 ml product/m²).
Gently wipe the surface all over with steady movements. Makesure that the surface is completely wetted.

Spray disinfection: Spray the surface to be treated, ensuring in particular that it is completely wetted.

Standards: Certified by VAH (German Association for Applied Hygiene)

Bitte beachten Due to the alcohol content, spraying is limited for safety reasons to small areas which cannot be reached by wiping.

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