HPLC columns, Poroshell 120 EC-C8

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HEWL691975-306EA 454 EUR
HEWL691975-306 HEWL699770-906 HEWL693975-906 HEWL820750-913 HEWL695970-906 HEWL821725-913 HEWL695975-906 HEWL695775-906 HEWL697775-906 HEWL699775-906 HEWL697975-906 HEWL691975-906 HEWL699970-906 HEWL699975-306 HEWL695975-306 HEWL693975-306 HEWL697975-306 HEWL691775-906 HEWL699970-306 HEWL699975-906 HEWL693775-906 HEWL823750-913 HEWL695770-906 HEWL695970-306
HPLC columns, Poroshell 120 EC-C8
Poroshell 120 is made with a superficially porous particle that has a solid silica core and a porous outer layer. This particle provides high efficiency at lower pressures and is ideal for fast or high-resolution separations of many types of analytes.

  • Less retentive for non-polar samples
  • Exhaustive endcapping ideal for use with basic compounds, for those producing poor peak shapes on other columns
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications

The EC-C8 bonded phase is made by first chemically bonding a dense monolayer of dimethyl-n-octyl silane stationary phase to the porous shell of the Poroshell 120 silica support. The bonded phase packing is then endcapped using proprietary reagents and procedures to obtain maximum deactivation of the silica surface.

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