Baths and circulators, with KISS® controller

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Baths and circulators, with KISS® controller
Umwälzthermostate Offene Umwälzsysteme Bäder mit abnehmbarem Umwälzthermostat
Heating circulation bath thermostats with either polycarbonate or stainless steel baths, which are simple to use and are suitable for a variety of applications such as: Sample temperature control, analysis, materials testing or checking food. The units offer high temperature stability and are fitted with over-temperature and low level protection suitable for Safety Class III/FL (DIN 12876) for use with flammable fluids. A powerful pressure/suction pump ensures optimum circulation and temperature homogenity in the bath and also allows temperature control of externally attached applications using a pump adapter (accessory).

  • Large temperature display
  • LED indicators for pump, cooling and heating
  • Simple operation with menu navigation
  • Auto start function for power failure

The KISS controller combines state-of-the-art technology with simple operation and stylish design. KISS models are suitable for routine tasks in research and industry and are convincing as practice oriented basic equipment. The optional PT100 sensor connection is available to display (not control) e.g. of the process temperature (only available factory fitted, at an additional charge).

Maximum pump capacities: 14 L/min, 250 mbar pressure, 10, 5 L/min, 170 mbar suction.

Standards: Complies to safety class III/FL (DIN 12876).

Bestellinformation: Accessories included. There are also some optional accessories.

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