Two-dimensional BioProcess Container™ system, Labtainer™ BPC bags

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific

HYCPSH30657.11EA 413 EUR
HYCPSH30657.11 HYCPSH30657.13 HYCPSH30712.01_U HYCPSH30657.14 HYCPSH30657.15 HYCPSH30657.16 HYCPSH30712.04 HYCPSH30712.05 HYCPSH30714.05 HYCPSH30712.02 HYCPSH30714.04 HYCPSH30712.03 HYCPSH30714.03 HYCPSH30714.02 HYCPSH30714.01 HYCPSH30662.15 HYCPSH30662.16 HYCPSH30658.11 HYCPSH30658.12 HYCPSH30658.13 HYCPSH30709.04_U HYCPSH30709.01_U HYCPSH30658.14 HYCPSH30658.15 HYCPSH30658.16 HYCPSH30709.05 HYCPSH30709.03 HYCPSH30709.02 HYCPSH30713.05 HYCPSH30713.03 HYCPSH30713.04 HYCPSH30713.01 HYCPSH30713.02 HYCPSH30662.11 HYCPSH30662.12 HYCPSH30662.14
Two-dimensional BioProcess Container™ system, Labtainer™ BPC bags
Beutel Medium-Beutel
BioProcess Container™ (BPC™) systems include two-dimensional single-use bags for liquid handling. Manufactured from medical-grade plastics (cGMP compliant) and configured with ports, tubing and fittings, BPC™ systems provide an efficient means for sterile liquid handling in research and production settings.

  • Film type: CX5-14 Single Web
  • Sterilisation method: Gamma irradiation

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