Dehydrated culture media, potato dextrose broth, powder

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Dehydrated culture media, potato dextrose broth, powder
Medien für die Mikrobiologie Trockennährböden für die Mikrobiologie
Potato dextrose broth is used for the isolation, enumeration and identification of yeast and moulds.

  • White powder appearance
  • pH of 4,9 to 5,3 (at 2,4% aqueous solution)
  • Can be sterilized at 121 °C for 15 mins

This is used in the analysis of dairy products, bottled drinks, frozen food and other types of food. It can also be used in the identification of fungi and yeasts in parallel with their cellular morphology or in methods of mirocultivation in slides. It has to be stored at room temperature as desiccate.

Standards: This medium is recommended by the Assocation of Public Health (APHA).

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